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A Slave to Variance

I am a computer scientist, an educator, a poker player. The relative weight of each changes with the seasons, but all are vastly important to me. I live in the Bay Area, and spend far too much time in front of my computer working working working.

If you've come here looking for poker chatter, please visit my poker blog. Alternativly, subscribe to the livejournal feed. There's also resultsoriented.
agnostic, ai, algorithms, alternative power, ani difranco, anthropology, anti-aging, archeology, armchair economics, art, atheism, basketball, beer, being on time, big soft beds, board games, books, brains, c++, california, card games, cats, cellular automata, chocolate, civil liberties, civil rights, coding, coffee, combinatorial game theory, combinatorics, computer science, computers, cryptography, cuddling, currency, curry, cynicism, debate, deep philosophical conversations, diablo, dilbert, dvds, economics, education, efficiency, empathy, engineering, environmentalism, ethics, family, feminism, finance, fractal geometry, free speech, free thought, freedom, frisbees, gambling, game theory, games, geekery, geeks, go, happiness, health, healthy diet, hiking, holdem, house, imagination, individualism, instant runoff voting, intelligence, internet, introspection, juggling, lego, libraries, life, linux, logic, lowball, loyalty, math, mathematics, metaphysics, mini cooper, minneapolis, minnesota, movies, musical theater, mysql, mythtv, new order, peer review, philosophy, php, physics, pink floyd, poker, politics, probability, programming, progressivism, puzzles, reading, research, richard thompson, risk, risk assessment, rtfm, sarcasm, science, science fiction, showtunes, simpsons, skepticism, slovenia, smart chicks, stargazing, stars, statistics, sunrise, sunset, supreme court, sustainable living, swimming, tacos, television, thunderstorms, transhumanism, travel, tv, twin cities, university of minnesota, unix, vegetarian, vi, vim, walks in the woods, waterfalls, ween, women, work, yoga, zombies